Looking For Blonde Highlights in Fresno, CA?

Why Choose Highlights By Talynn?

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Talynn Garduno is Fresno’s premiere hairstylist.  She is located at Alchemy Salon At the Palatine on Alluvial & Fresno St. in Fresno, California.  Talynn operates by appointment only, and offers a full range of services from highlights, haircuts, blowouts, and more.

Talynn prides herself in her attention to detail, especially with highlights.  In fact, in her own words, “Fixing Cheetah hair is my mission.”  Talynn promises you will love her attention to detail, and she will give you the hairstyle YOU want and love.  “Too many girls leave a hair salon feeling like they didn’t get what they wanted.” 

Call or Text 949.701.3415 to Schedule Your Appointment With Talynn Today!